EnviroSolve Has Radar On Their Mine

The EnviroSolve Corporation has tapped Radar to produce a 30-minute safety training video for the former Anaconda Copper Mine site in Yerington, Nevada which is going through a multi-million dollar cleanup.

The Yerington Site has more potential pitfalls than Raiders of the Lost Ark so it’s critical that all visitors to the mine go through some training before spending any amount of time on the site. The 30-minute training video will be available on the Radar website upon its completion in May. For more information on the site cleanup, click here.

Radar Produces the Blu-ray Disc for Super Capers

Beverly Hills-based RG Entertainment recently tapped Radar to produce the Blu-ray disc for the upcoming super hero movie “Super Capers.” Radar created several menus for the disc that matched the comic book style already present throughout the film and the website.

Click here to visit the Super Capers website.