The Forest and the Trees

9 Feb 2019

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This last year was the first time Greg had ever been to Yosemite National Park. It was a wonder to behold. Ever since he was a child, the forest has provided a sense of wonder. Magic, even. The natural breeze and chirping of the birds have always been like an elixir for his anxious mind.

For Greg and for Radar – the forest is a powerful metaphor and a guide:

1. The Forest Cleanses (and Brings Freedom)

Being “freed up” (as we like to call it) is an extremely pivotal tool in the creative process. Think of going out into the wild as a cleanse for your mind. When you purposefully do a wellness cleanse of foods, the body is cleansed of toxins and is able to operate at a much higher level.  Just as our physical bodies need concentrated times of fasting and wellness cleansing, so do our minds.

We’re not saying that all creativity comes from lack of stimulation, but at Radar we do believe we need cycles of tranquility to reset the scales.

2. The Forest Breathes Wonder

Just like Greg, we can’t help but feel awe and curiosity as we stroll through the vastness of the outdoors. The forest helps breathe wonder into our very lungs.

At Radar, we believe child-like wonder is vital to a vibrantly creative life.

What do we mean by wonder? We mean having the ability to speculate curiously, to be filled with awe and to get inspired for strategic thinking. Sometimes creative wonder is sparked by what is strange and surprising. The forest lends itself to this: with each strange insect, creature, and the immensity of the trees themselves.

Without being curious, how can we learn? And if we are not willing to learn, how are we able to see in new ways? Isn’t creativity all about seeing ordinary things in fresh new ways?

There are times when a single phrase during a conference call with a client can spark our wonder–and lead us into surprising new ideas. We’re so grateful for times like these “in the forest” of our work. It truly is an adventure.

This post is the thirteenth of a multi-part blog series, “The Camping Creative,” tying together the tent-pegs of camping and creativity. Read the first post here.