Design Focus: X Lighting


It’s been a long time coming, but someone has finally developed a fluorescent lighting array that isn’t completely hideous — just somewhat hideous. Shakespearian actor (see photo) Ross Lovegrove’s diabolically named System X (designed for Japanese manufacturer Yamagiwa) allows for all sorts of interesting and “artistic” combinations of the X-shaped bulbs, permitting large, linked arrangements, or simple, singular set ups… or circles. Truly a minor development in the de-uglifying of offices everywhere.

Click here for the product page.

Innovation Focus: eTar


Budding Claptons should keep their eyes on the eTar, a sort of Internet-based guitar that’s designed to be used with the upcoming eJamming music service. The eTar, which will make a real life apperance at a design fair in Britain in July, has all the features of a real guitar like strings and a volume control knob. You’re supposed to use it in tandem with eJamming, which lets you play music with someone else across the Internet. Like the site says, hook up with a drummer in Brazil, a bassist in Italy, etc. It’s the global village.