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“Their process is streamlined and transparent, with open, consistent communication. One of my favorite partners to work with.  ” – Jeff Consoletti, JJ-LA


“What’s really awesome about working with Radar is…to arrive at version #1 for our client [and the version is] 99.9% baked. Having a low budget and quick turn around - the whole process was SO NEEDED. ” – Megan - from Ember

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“Radar was collaborative, fast and on point. It was a pleasure working with a team of this caliber. Even when we faced obstacles (needing a high-res video clip quickly), Drew proactively worked to obtain the assets we needed to finish the project. A+!” – Melissa - LMU


“I think on all the projects I've worked on with your team having the communication and service from start to finish, is unique and makes me continue to want to find ways to work with you guys. Good to feel like your partner is in the trenches with you. Also the overall execution across the board and flexibility to make all this happen within really 2.5 weeks of a site visit was fantastic. On site load in/show/strike was all fantastic in my opinion! ” – Keith - KB Creations, LLC.