Houston Chronicle Covers “Wiess Energy Hall 3.0” Launch

18 May 2017

As we move closer to the launch of Energy City, the 2-year project Radar completed with PBERab Cup and Green Hippo, we’re thrilled to see such awesome press coverage of our work.

Check out these excerpts from The Houston Chronicle:

“We take the science and education piece of it very seriously, but we have to make it fun and find a way to spark people’s imagination and hope that they want to learn more after they leave the museum,” Bartsch said. “It’s all incredibly cool.”

Also new is “Energy City” a 2,500-square-foot, 3-D landscape representing Houston, the surrounding Gulf coastal waters, and the terrain of southeast Texas.

The milk-white model city is eye-catching. But the magic really happens when the museum staffers turn on a series of projectors that cast images on the models, simulating windows on buildings, turning day to night, and making cars and trains “move” throughout the city.”

-Excerpts from “Museum of Natural Science to unveil new energy exhibit in the fall” By Kim McGuire

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