Connecting Collaboratively

20 Jul 2006

As I write this blog entry, dozens of talented people are busy working on putting together a huge event for one of our clients. A co-producer is 3,000 miles away meeting with vendors and finalizing the details of this event; four editors will be working all night, putting the final touches on the 18 videos due by next Tuesday; dancers are being choreographed; presentations are being created; designers are making costumes and constructing set pieces; travel plans for the 13-person staff & crew are being booked and deliverables are being approved, revised, tweaked and finalized all within a matter of hours.

It’s always fascinating to me how anyone would want to be in this crazy business. But I think the reason balances on one word: collaboration. There’s something amazingly powerful about connecting with another person (much like yourself) on a creative level and experiencing the satisfaction you feel when you’ve built something from nothing and get to stand back and appreciate it for a moment or two.

The collaborative cycle is completed when that tangible creation will be seen and enjoyed by someone you’ve never even met!

OK, enough deep thoughts for this evening, back to work…

[Image used by permission from Creative Commons by denlinkbarrman]